US Removes China as FX Manipulator

The United States is making a serious effort to clear the fog in the public debate about China and its manipulations in international financial markets. And the United States has the votes to go it alone, if it cannot have its say on the matter by themselves.

According to reports, the United States Congress has begun debating the subject. When this vote is done and over with, it is pretty certain that it will send the signal to the world, that the United States will not play their role as the true leader in world financial institutions, or they will lose the ability to play a role at all.

The reason for the United States to remove China as the FX manipulator will be quite clear. The United States should be known as a neutral world power, not having any hidden agendas.

If the United States is not involved in the supervision of foreign currency markets, its client states are going to be able to manipulate the markets easily, and easily cheat the United States, as they already do. The people involved in foreign currency markets are going to be the type of individuals who are already here in the United States illegally, such as illegal aliens, or other people who do not have valid papers to be here.

A lot of the money that has been deposited into Hong Kong and China is through people who are not legal aliens. Hong Kong is not supposed to be used for illegal money operations, but the fact is, a lot of it is.

The bank owned by the People’s Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, they have received a fair amount of money from the Guandong Diversified Fund Investment Company, also known as the Guandong Investment Trust. One of the people involved with these holdings is the daughter of the chairman of the Guandong Investment Trust.

We have already found that there are the twin sister of the chairman of the Guandong Investment Trust, former chief executive of the Agricultural Bank of China, Xiao Zhuang, who is the real estate agent for the company that owns Guandong Diversified Investment Fund. She was also involved in some of the controversial dealings in the area of real estate investment.

The question has been raised as to whether the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which is the biggest bank in Hong Kong, has connections to Guandong, and we have found that the answer is yes. There are associates of the Guandong Investment Trust who run this bank.

We know that the Fujian Province where China has been building a port, and mining for some time, are very close to the strait to Japan. The Japanese could, in theory, buy up the port of Guangzhou and put it near the International date line.

If the United States was to take that action, we would not be able to monitor all of the activities that are going on with the United States Foreign Trade Zone. The United States would have to assume that they are back to square one, and could not have any influence in those actions, and would be isolated.

If the United States was to remove China as the FX manipulator, their objective would be made more certain. The United States will not have any foreign policy when they are not involved in foreign currency markets.